Sunday, 14 January 2007

Me And My Mates

These are two of my mates, Carly & Ben. As you can see they are quite the pair or at least I should say they were as they recently split up (sniff!) but at least they remain friends.

Ben is quite a good friend although I haven't known him all that long, he is both friendly and infuriating at the same time; He is also quite the madcap as he will say one thing and then ten seconds later he will contradict himself! Still he's someone I would trust with my life! (and for me that saying something!)

Carly is a bright and bubbly girl, she is currently taking driving lessons and as a result all motorists should ensure their affairs are in order (just joking Carly !).

Generally speaking these two spend the most time with me when I'm in work and until recently I very rarely saw them outside of the workplace.

This odd-looking fellow is another of my pals; his name is Michael and he is (like me) something of a geek. He often has discussions with me about how something is done with regard to japanese animation or occasionally we talk about the legal system (He's currently studying a law degree at Plymouth University) and as such we are regarded as the two eggheads of the Co-Op where we work.

However, I must point out in all fairness he has only been there for just over a year and as such doesn't know the other there like I do, so to some he seems stuck-up whereas I think it's just his way of doing things; In some ways he reminds me of me when I first started there.

Then there's Lee:
Lee is large and definitely in charge! He is even more outrageous than Ben but he also has a sensitive side that makes him a good mate and someone I would like to have around in a pinch! He would do anything for a mate and I think that I’m lucky to count him as one of mine. Lee also has a girlfriend and a baby girl which he is fiercely proud of and personally I think he will be a wonderful father figure as she grows up. Lee also has a wicked sense of humour and when he sets his mind to something never gives up (More on that later!).

Finally there's Gary:
Gary is a few years younger than me (about 20 I think) and like me is a fan of the latest computer games and tries to persuade me to buy them even though I can’t always afford to! Gary is seeing a young lady called Danni who for the most part is very quiet and a little withdrawn (well, to me anyway) but is very devoted to Gary and a little possessive of him! Still if that’s what he wants he’s happy to have her.

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