Thursday, 19 April 2007

My Seaside Kingdom

This is view of Teignmouth sea front, it was taken last year when the weather was mercifully clear and in my humblest of opinions it shows the beauty of the seaside town I inhabit.

I have lived in Teignmouth since April 1991 when I moved here with my parents and my aunt.

We moved here from Bristol in order to give my father a few more years of life due to his failing health. Since then I have always considered this my home and never looked back.

The two Pictures above both show parts of the coast line facing the opposite direction to the previous picture, The second photo shows in silhouette one of Teignmouths attractions; namely the grand pier.

Here's me out on an observation platform with the main industry of Teignmouth in the background....Tourism.

Teignmouth becomes a maddening place from about April/May and doesn't calm down til September when the new school year starts.

Personally I hate that time of year, simply because it makes the town extremely crowded and means that If you want to park you gotta fight for it!

As You can see from the photos, Teignmouth has some beautiful streets and as such can be considered by many as `quaint` it may not seem like much to many but I consider it home.