Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Deep

Today Gary and myself went across the Humber bridge to Hull, we decided that we wanted to go visit `The Deep` Something that could only be described as a extremely large aquarium, that explores the oceans of our world. 

While we were there we had a look at how our planet has evolved over the few million years, and of course we saw thousands of different fish and animals, including mantas, sharks and anemones

The Deep 009  The Deep 014

The Deep 003 The Deep 019

The Deep 027  The Deep 030The Deep 038


Part of this was a birthday treat for me, although i hope to show photos of my holiday very soon

The Deep 054 The Deep 043

Friday, 16 July 2010

New Home.....Part 2

Four months ago, I was placed into council property, this was because my previous landlord was selling the property and as such a new home was no 1 priority.

I moved on the 3rd of march, this in itself was complicated as i had booked a week off and was spending the weekend down in Devon with my partner, when we returned the chaos of moving hit me yet again!

this time though we didn't have to redecorate and i managed to get all my stuff with little to no difficulty, I say little to none although the helpful parties might disagree!

I am now the proud tenant in a ground floor council flat, 5 minutes away from work and 30 seconds away from the nearest bus stop, this means travel into the city is relatively easy, its not the quietest neighbourhood but you take what you get offered!

Unfortunately the happiness was short-lived, within two months I was broken into and my Sony playstation 3 and all the games and dvds were stolen! to add insult to injury I was not insured at the time though that was the next priority!

I will commend the police for their swift action unfortunately there was an assault which escalated into a murder in the city and the officer who was dealing with my burglary was called away.

I will not go into the feelings of hurt at the invasion of privacy much less the wanton theft of my property but it has taught me a bitter lesson which now has ensured that I am insured, and that policy has now been put to the test.

My replacement playstation was faulty and was replaced and delivered recently, which has restored the hole (ok trifle over dramatic but I'm sure someone will understand)

The flat is divided into three sections: Bathroom, Bedroom and Living room/kitchen I have an electric oven in which I am learning to cook albeit tentatively, and Gary my partner is acting as my guinea pig!

Home 002 Home 006

Home 012 Home 014

After recent events I have been rearranging furniture slightly to ensure nosy little wanna be thieves don't get any ideas!

Still I am Enjoying being up here although I do miss people down south!