Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Time For A Holiday!

Well summer's getting closer and so its time for the holidays to begin!

Already people have begun to flock down here to Teignmouth in their hundreds and as such the place is getting crowded!

I have no objections as such to tourists, they bring much needed funds to the area, but I do wish they would do the following:
  • Remember that the residents have been here for a lot longer than three minutes and as such are not all as thick as mud! Some of us actually do have brains and would not mind a small amount of courtesy when they barge into us!
  • Use the car parks responsibly! Too often when I'm working I have complaints that the car parks are full to capacity and that the number of tourists are disproportionate to the number of shoppers in the store! Last time I checked there is plenty of off the street parking near the beach and at the local coach station, why can't they use this?

  • Please keep their children under control! Ok, Ok ! know kids are difficult at best of times but you'd think standing there watching their kids running riot was a good way of dealing with them the number of times I've done their job and told the kids off for running around and screaming at each other!

There! Rant over! Now to enjoy the holidays!

Personally I intend to expand my photo collection a bit and take some photos of the surrounding countryside, maybe even scare the tourists away by showing off my legs and body down on the beach! HAHA!

N.B. This is not Teignmouth at sunset, though I wish it was!