Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Long Return……A Hobby Of Mine

After ages I have come back to blogging, a lot has happened and a lot of things have changed but I think now is the time to return, and I’ll start with a hobby of mine, recently restarted after a long pause. 


Now back in the 90’s I was fascinated by a TV show that had action and to some excitement, its was Haim Saban's Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers!


Now looking back I can see this show was clich├ęd, you had the main bad guy (or girl as it was a witch) the helpless super being who needed someone or something to stop her from taking over the world, and of course five teenagers who would gain special abilities and powers capable of stopping her and her villainous schemes. 

However, what impressed me at the time was the fact that the toys were based on another concepts from the 80’s, Robots that combined and became a mega-robot, or as this show called them `Zords`….Surely an idea copied from transformers or any of the cartoons showed in the 80’s?

Anyway, when they released the figures I used to pester my aunt to let me buy them, not for collectors value, simply because they were toys! the one things she would refuse to allow me to get were the huge zord figures, simply because they cost (and still do) £30 or £40 for a set. 

well, fast forward a few years…..

I’m traipsing around the car boot sites when I came across the figures for the (then) latest series of power rangers……the mystic force series (imagine harry potter power rangers and you might get some idea)

i bought them for two reasons: 1) I like sorcery fantasy and science fiction stuff like that 2)I had a hankering for nostalgia and decided then and there to start collecting the different sets of power ranger zords as easily as I could. 

Since then I have built up quite a collection, also when buying them because many of them were separated and in pieces I found it easier to ask for the whole box of things they were in and ended up with a collection of figures, bikes etc..

take a look at this pictures, very few of the sets are complete, but there are some that i have had trouble finding and some I’ve gone and bought from Ebay practically brand new to finagle missing parts etc.

Power Rangers (9)

This is from the first 3 season of the series, we have three movie figures, Goldar (bad guy) Ninja Megazord, Original ultrazord (megazord, dragonzord & titanos) four ninja Rangers, Ninjor and the green ranger that went with the dragonzord

Power Rangers (12)

This are the zords from Power rangers: Wild Force One of the series owned (i believe) by Disney, in this there were new bad guys and new zords based on wild animals featured here are wild force megazord, Kongazord (exotic animals jungle mostly) and what i think of as an amalgam of zords from the series, as many of the parts were interchangeable, giving kids endless hours of fun!

Power Rangers (13)

This is from  Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, this one went back to a theme of ninjas as power rangers, originally there were only three rangers in this series but as it developed, they added three more to the hero roster giving the usual compliment of 6 rangers

show here are: ninja megazord (not be confused with the ninja megazord from third season), tsunami cycles and the lightning megazord

Power Rangers (14)

These are from  Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, This series had a distinction of showing the 500th episode and as such contained a video diary detailing all that had gone on before, it also included one of the original power rangers, now a high school teacher and anthropologist returning as the new black ranger and training his team. 

show is yellow,red,white rangers the thundersaurus megazord with dimetrozord attachement, two black rangers and the red ranger again

Power Rangers (17)

Now imagine if the power rangers became police officers? thats the premise behind S.P.D a future team of power rangers who act as the local law enforcement officers to the galaxy, one of my smaller collections as now we are getting closer to the current era of the show

Power Rangers (7)

these are my first collection and are the ones I described above as harry potter meets the power rangers, basically these rangers are wizards, spellcasters and warriors, they also share a link to the original rangers as the villianess in the original series is now one of the heroes (heroines?) of the new series!

These are my favourite set and as such I have them as pride of place on my display

Power Rangers (21)

This final set is from a series that used the basics of certain zen beliefs as the founding of its story, that all martial arts have some basisi in the animal world and that within a martial arts student there is an animal spirit, these rangers had to battle a demon who believed that animals should rule the planet and all mankind was to be exterminated, as such their zords are in fact their animal spirits, wolf, lion, bat, shark, tiger, jaguar, cheetah, chameleon and elephant

Now I’ve bored you to tears with my hobby I hope to continue boring you or entertaining you with more blogs as time allows…

Keep smiling!

Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Deep

Today Gary and myself went across the Humber bridge to Hull, we decided that we wanted to go visit `The Deep` Something that could only be described as a extremely large aquarium, that explores the oceans of our world. 

While we were there we had a look at how our planet has evolved over the few million years, and of course we saw thousands of different fish and animals, including mantas, sharks and anemones

The Deep 009  The Deep 014

The Deep 003 The Deep 019

The Deep 027  The Deep 030The Deep 038


Part of this was a birthday treat for me, although i hope to show photos of my holiday very soon

The Deep 054 The Deep 043

Friday, 16 July 2010

New Home.....Part 2

Four months ago, I was placed into council property, this was because my previous landlord was selling the property and as such a new home was no 1 priority.

I moved on the 3rd of march, this in itself was complicated as i had booked a week off and was spending the weekend down in Devon with my partner, when we returned the chaos of moving hit me yet again!

this time though we didn't have to redecorate and i managed to get all my stuff with little to no difficulty, I say little to none although the helpful parties might disagree!

I am now the proud tenant in a ground floor council flat, 5 minutes away from work and 30 seconds away from the nearest bus stop, this means travel into the city is relatively easy, its not the quietest neighbourhood but you take what you get offered!

Unfortunately the happiness was short-lived, within two months I was broken into and my Sony playstation 3 and all the games and dvds were stolen! to add insult to injury I was not insured at the time though that was the next priority!

I will commend the police for their swift action unfortunately there was an assault which escalated into a murder in the city and the officer who was dealing with my burglary was called away.

I will not go into the feelings of hurt at the invasion of privacy much less the wanton theft of my property but it has taught me a bitter lesson which now has ensured that I am insured, and that policy has now been put to the test.

My replacement playstation was faulty and was replaced and delivered recently, which has restored the hole (ok trifle over dramatic but I'm sure someone will understand)

The flat is divided into three sections: Bathroom, Bedroom and Living room/kitchen I have an electric oven in which I am learning to cook albeit tentatively, and Gary my partner is acting as my guinea pig!

Home 002 Home 006

Home 012 Home 014

After recent events I have been rearranging furniture slightly to ensure nosy little wanna be thieves don't get any ideas!

Still I am Enjoying being up here although I do miss people down south!

Wednesday, 9 December 2009


I've been sat here thinking about families latley, maybe because its that time of year and most people will be seeing theirs.

Unfortunatley i wont be one of them...most of my family has died and the rest dont get along.
I think that for me family are not just people who are related to you somehow, i think family is/are those people who shape and form our lives by being part of it, many of the people i have met in the last 7 or 8 years since my parents past away have helped guide me and nudge me when ive needed or required it, and it is these people i consider my family.

as i write this its about 11:30 at night and i've been hyome for a couple of hours from work and im deciding what to do with my time and i find that some of the people i want to talk to arent around and yet i find i cant just ring them a) becuase of the latness of the hour & b) i dont know what to say; it never occurs to me that i should be the one to start a conversation or to do something....

Recently ive had some people in my life declare that i `have and attitude` now i understand that many people seem to think that this means im bossy, opionated and rude...yes i suppose i could be all these things but i also like to think that in fact i have as much right to express my feelings and thoughts as much as anyone...i aklois have the right noit to take abuse from people!

I often think that taking crap from people is a form of surrender, i dont always agree that its the best thing to do, ill be damned if im going to keep quiet just so i can be steam-rollered into something, nor am i going to let myself fade away when i have an opinion of something!

before anyone reading this jumps to the conclusion that i am unhappy, let me clear this up...i am happy where i am. i just would enjoy some of my friends spending a little time with me rather than just deciding im out of sight...out of mind!

Tuesday, 11 August 2009

long time no notice!!

Hi, sorry to anyone wondering what ive been upto, and the fact that i havent posted for ages....
Simple fact was i had totally forgotten to do any and i also lost my blogger password (obviously found it again).
Well looks like summer hasnt exactly been a lovely one this year! well, it hasnt exactly been a good one from my perspective; what with the cases on swine flu now sweeping across the country and even my mate Tony coming down with it
So what have I been up to?

Well ive been visitng the local nature reserve, Whisby is a wildlife park where people go locally; it has hides for birdwatching and loads of walks for people to...well walk!

I've also been working hard at my job, this sadly isnt much of a progression from what i was doing down in Devon but it is a faster career improvement, here i can get training easier without feeling like im not up to the task; (apologies to anyone who reads this and thinks im being mean to my former bosses)

Anyway, ive also been indulging my passion for carboot sales, now when i lived down in Devon it was difficult to attend these because i worked on days when they occurred, it was only by arranging time off that i was able to go and buy stuff.

Here its been easier; for one my shifts are unfixed; this means that i have different days off each week and the rotas are arranged very much ahead of schedule (pardon the pun) therefore some weeks i have Saturdays and some weeks i have Sundays off and sometimes i have other days off.

Now i love going to car boot sales, they tend to be the best place to pick up bargains; best bargain i got was the stereo i picked up at a local auction for the cats protection league here in Lincoln...i got it for £1, yes! £1! and it works wonderfully

Anyway I'm due to Go on holiday soon with my partner and his friend mike, we're trotting off to sleepy old teignmouth for a week to celebrate my birthday...hopefully ill have some pictures for everyone to see!

Thursday, 26 March 2009

New Computer Time

Well after much nagging from my one and only fan (they know who they are) I've managed to put my ass back onto the computer chair and found something to chat about.

On Tuesday My partner gary and myself needed to do some shopping...I had just been paid and wanted to look for a new game or something in which to enjoy.
Anyways I found a game for about £20 and was about to go and pay for it when my eye caught something that I thought at first was too good to believe...namely a new pc!

Now recently my poor 6 yr old pc was having a hard time of couldnt keep up with its owner's relentless demands on its poor processor and failing hard drive, therefore I had decided to replace it but had resigned myself to the fact it wouldn't happen for some time yet as desktop pc's were still expensive and therefore I would have to save up.

Anyway I had noticed this PC....a Medion dual core pentium processor (to the non techno out there thats a very whizzy brain) PC with vista home premium and a 250GB hard drive plus a DVD-RW drive capable of burning to nearly every type of disc out there...excepting blu-ray.

Now how much did you think this PC cost? £250? £300? or even £400?

Nope I bought it for.....£194 (originally £199 reduced by the new VAT rate)!!!!!

So after lugging the machine back to my comfy bed-sit/flat I had the interesting task of copying everything of value and interest to DVD+RW and then disconnecting, installing and transferring everything to the new PC....not an easy task and one that certainly caused friction between gary and myself!!!!

So now I'm the proud owner of an updated PC...and the old one? last seen at gary's place about to be erased and reformatted ready for his use. :-)

Hopefully I'm also going to be going out and about in a few weeks time so I will have more Photos to add.

Monday, 9 February 2009

New Home, New Life and New Friends

Ok first post of 2009!
First off I apologise for anyone who has been trying to find out what i have been up to recently; i have only just unpacked the pc from the pile of boxes that used to clutter my boyfriend's hallway

From that i hope you will gather that I now have my own space to call my own: before the questions start to fly i will point out that my poor other half has a very poky flat and there simply wasnt enough room for all of our stuff does not mean im going to break up with him but i have wanted some room for myself should disagreements become inevitable!

I have moved into a lovely bed-sit near the city centre of lincoln....unlike most bedsits this one consists of two rooms one that has been converted into my living room/study and the other which is my bedroom.

The last three/four weeks have been taken up with decorating and furnishing the living room; when i moved in the walls were a pale green and looked seriously unpleasent (well to me anyway) we repainted it a lovely sky blue and painted the skirting boards chocolate brown

There is a bed setee in the living room...perfect for guests and friends should they decide to pay a call (hint hint).

secondly with christmas out of the way ive managed to break the ice with my work colleagues, they're very nice although i would be lying if i said they are better than my old mates and i have forgotten about my teignmouth pals...far from it!

Anyways as soon as im all sorted ill add more posts...until then!!!