Saturday, 30 July 2011

A Long Return……A Hobby Of Mine

After ages I have come back to blogging, a lot has happened and a lot of things have changed but I think now is the time to return, and I’ll start with a hobby of mine, recently restarted after a long pause. 


Now back in the 90’s I was fascinated by a TV show that had action and to some excitement, its was Haim Saban's Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers!


Now looking back I can see this show was clich├ęd, you had the main bad guy (or girl as it was a witch) the helpless super being who needed someone or something to stop her from taking over the world, and of course five teenagers who would gain special abilities and powers capable of stopping her and her villainous schemes. 

However, what impressed me at the time was the fact that the toys were based on another concepts from the 80’s, Robots that combined and became a mega-robot, or as this show called them `Zords`….Surely an idea copied from transformers or any of the cartoons showed in the 80’s?

Anyway, when they released the figures I used to pester my aunt to let me buy them, not for collectors value, simply because they were toys! the one things she would refuse to allow me to get were the huge zord figures, simply because they cost (and still do) £30 or £40 for a set. 

well, fast forward a few years…..

I’m traipsing around the car boot sites when I came across the figures for the (then) latest series of power rangers……the mystic force series (imagine harry potter power rangers and you might get some idea)

i bought them for two reasons: 1) I like sorcery fantasy and science fiction stuff like that 2)I had a hankering for nostalgia and decided then and there to start collecting the different sets of power ranger zords as easily as I could. 

Since then I have built up quite a collection, also when buying them because many of them were separated and in pieces I found it easier to ask for the whole box of things they were in and ended up with a collection of figures, bikes etc..

take a look at this pictures, very few of the sets are complete, but there are some that i have had trouble finding and some I’ve gone and bought from Ebay practically brand new to finagle missing parts etc.

Power Rangers (9)

This is from the first 3 season of the series, we have three movie figures, Goldar (bad guy) Ninja Megazord, Original ultrazord (megazord, dragonzord & titanos) four ninja Rangers, Ninjor and the green ranger that went with the dragonzord

Power Rangers (12)

This are the zords from Power rangers: Wild Force One of the series owned (i believe) by Disney, in this there were new bad guys and new zords based on wild animals featured here are wild force megazord, Kongazord (exotic animals jungle mostly) and what i think of as an amalgam of zords from the series, as many of the parts were interchangeable, giving kids endless hours of fun!

Power Rangers (13)

This is from  Power Rangers: Ninja Storm, this one went back to a theme of ninjas as power rangers, originally there were only three rangers in this series but as it developed, they added three more to the hero roster giving the usual compliment of 6 rangers

show here are: ninja megazord (not be confused with the ninja megazord from third season), tsunami cycles and the lightning megazord

Power Rangers (14)

These are from  Power Rangers: Dino Thunder, This series had a distinction of showing the 500th episode and as such contained a video diary detailing all that had gone on before, it also included one of the original power rangers, now a high school teacher and anthropologist returning as the new black ranger and training his team. 

show is yellow,red,white rangers the thundersaurus megazord with dimetrozord attachement, two black rangers and the red ranger again

Power Rangers (17)

Now imagine if the power rangers became police officers? thats the premise behind S.P.D a future team of power rangers who act as the local law enforcement officers to the galaxy, one of my smaller collections as now we are getting closer to the current era of the show

Power Rangers (7)

these are my first collection and are the ones I described above as harry potter meets the power rangers, basically these rangers are wizards, spellcasters and warriors, they also share a link to the original rangers as the villianess in the original series is now one of the heroes (heroines?) of the new series!

These are my favourite set and as such I have them as pride of place on my display

Power Rangers (21)

This final set is from a series that used the basics of certain zen beliefs as the founding of its story, that all martial arts have some basisi in the animal world and that within a martial arts student there is an animal spirit, these rangers had to battle a demon who believed that animals should rule the planet and all mankind was to be exterminated, as such their zords are in fact their animal spirits, wolf, lion, bat, shark, tiger, jaguar, cheetah, chameleon and elephant

Now I’ve bored you to tears with my hobby I hope to continue boring you or entertaining you with more blogs as time allows…

Keep smiling!