Monday, 9 February 2009

New Home, New Life and New Friends

Ok first post of 2009!
First off I apologise for anyone who has been trying to find out what i have been up to recently; i have only just unpacked the pc from the pile of boxes that used to clutter my boyfriend's hallway

From that i hope you will gather that I now have my own space to call my own: before the questions start to fly i will point out that my poor other half has a very poky flat and there simply wasnt enough room for all of our stuff does not mean im going to break up with him but i have wanted some room for myself should disagreements become inevitable!

I have moved into a lovely bed-sit near the city centre of lincoln....unlike most bedsits this one consists of two rooms one that has been converted into my living room/study and the other which is my bedroom.

The last three/four weeks have been taken up with decorating and furnishing the living room; when i moved in the walls were a pale green and looked seriously unpleasent (well to me anyway) we repainted it a lovely sky blue and painted the skirting boards chocolate brown

There is a bed setee in the living room...perfect for guests and friends should they decide to pay a call (hint hint).

secondly with christmas out of the way ive managed to break the ice with my work colleagues, they're very nice although i would be lying if i said they are better than my old mates and i have forgotten about my teignmouth pals...far from it!

Anyways as soon as im all sorted ill add more posts...until then!!!