Thursday, 26 March 2009

New Computer Time

Well after much nagging from my one and only fan (they know who they are) I've managed to put my ass back onto the computer chair and found something to chat about.

On Tuesday My partner gary and myself needed to do some shopping...I had just been paid and wanted to look for a new game or something in which to enjoy.
Anyways I found a game for about £20 and was about to go and pay for it when my eye caught something that I thought at first was too good to believe...namely a new pc!

Now recently my poor 6 yr old pc was having a hard time of couldnt keep up with its owner's relentless demands on its poor processor and failing hard drive, therefore I had decided to replace it but had resigned myself to the fact it wouldn't happen for some time yet as desktop pc's were still expensive and therefore I would have to save up.

Anyway I had noticed this PC....a Medion dual core pentium processor (to the non techno out there thats a very whizzy brain) PC with vista home premium and a 250GB hard drive plus a DVD-RW drive capable of burning to nearly every type of disc out there...excepting blu-ray.

Now how much did you think this PC cost? £250? £300? or even £400?

Nope I bought it for.....£194 (originally £199 reduced by the new VAT rate)!!!!!

So after lugging the machine back to my comfy bed-sit/flat I had the interesting task of copying everything of value and interest to DVD+RW and then disconnecting, installing and transferring everything to the new PC....not an easy task and one that certainly caused friction between gary and myself!!!!

So now I'm the proud owner of an updated PC...and the old one? last seen at gary's place about to be erased and reformatted ready for his use. :-)

Hopefully I'm also going to be going out and about in a few weeks time so I will have more Photos to add.