Tuesday, 11 August 2009

long time no notice!!

Hi, sorry to anyone wondering what ive been upto, and the fact that i havent posted for ages....
Simple fact was i had totally forgotten to do any and i also lost my blogger password (obviously found it again).
Well looks like summer hasnt exactly been a lovely one this year! well, it hasnt exactly been a good one from my perspective; what with the cases on swine flu now sweeping across the country and even my mate Tony coming down with it
So what have I been up to?

Well ive been visitng the local nature reserve, Whisby is a wildlife park where people go locally; it has hides for birdwatching and loads of walks for people to...well walk!

I've also been working hard at my job, this sadly isnt much of a progression from what i was doing down in Devon but it is a faster career improvement, here i can get training easier without feeling like im not up to the task; (apologies to anyone who reads this and thinks im being mean to my former bosses)

Anyway, ive also been indulging my passion for carboot sales, now when i lived down in Devon it was difficult to attend these because i worked on days when they occurred, it was only by arranging time off that i was able to go and buy stuff.

Here its been easier; for one my shifts are unfixed; this means that i have different days off each week and the rotas are arranged very much ahead of schedule (pardon the pun) therefore some weeks i have Saturdays and some weeks i have Sundays off and sometimes i have other days off.

Now i love going to car boot sales, they tend to be the best place to pick up bargains; best bargain i got was the stereo i picked up at a local auction for the cats protection league here in Lincoln...i got it for £1, yes! £1! and it works wonderfully

Anyway I'm due to Go on holiday soon with my partner and his friend mike, we're trotting off to sleepy old teignmouth for a week to celebrate my birthday...hopefully ill have some pictures for everyone to see!