Monday, 3 November 2008

almost a year gone!

First i apologise for not blogging for almost a year, but so many things have happened and i havent been able to get myself time to write.

First off this will be a sort of round robin (sic) of the year to date but some things may be out of order so i apologise.

Well at the beginning of the year i attended a civil ceremony reception for two of my friends ho got spliced on valentines day no less :-) i hope they're happy and still going strong, last i heard they had been forced to retire from the jobs they loved and were looking at working as a private courier service, i cannot be sure if this is accurate but if so i wish them many successes.

the next climatic thing was my plans to move (gasp) from teignmouth after living here for over 17 years (8 of which i spent in the local co-op supermarket) i left in july with many tears from my mates and friends but more of that anon

before that i celebrated one of my mates 21st birthday, well i say i celebrated but i had 2 drinks then escorted a young lady back to her bed, (alone, before the suggestions start running)

then in july i bid a tearful farewell to my home, i decided to move upwards to be with my partner, who must for his own wishes remain anonymous, however we are both happy and are enjoying our time together. i miss my mates obviously and i stay in touch whenever possible.

after a hiatus of roughly 8 weeks i got a job working in a shell garage on a major roundabout...40 hours a week! good i suppose except that the hours were long, busy and on occasion solitary!, my partner was worried for my safety and therefore when the lincolnshire co-op offered me a job i cant say i agonised over the decision to leave.

i'm now working as a sales assistant for the co-op and i'm ion training for my keyholder/supervisor stauts which is quite a privilege :-D

well that's about it for now, i might have missed some details but i will add more when my mind is capable.