Monday, 29 January 2007

Home & Away

Thought I'd I'll tell you about my trip to Brighton; that was about 5 years ago and I actually had a very good time!

Now despite what people think they know about the place it is very nice (if a little expensive) and caters for people of all preferences and tastes.
When I first went there it was just after my parents passed away and I needed to get away from it all, but being on a limited budget and wishing to see what Britain had to offer I chose Brighton and I actually began to relax.

Brighton hasn't got much of a beach although it does claim that it has a naturalist beach somewhere (although I didn't have the guts to find it!) but it does have a excellent pier and plenty of shops to enjoy. I spent a week there and enjoyed it so much that a year later I went back and tried to see all there is to see of the place, I discovered that they also have a couple of flea markets that a person could buy loads of stuff.

My most recent holiday was to a little place in Cornwall called Par, I went camping for a weekend with a mate of mine called Steven and I enjoyed it very much!

That's me sat at the table reading, the photo was taken by Steven and it was him who put the tent up too! (I admit I'm not very good at camping!)

The weather did actually hold off and we were very close to a decent beach, although sunbathing wasn't included in our plans!

We met quite a few people there who were taking advantage of the bank holiday (whitsun) and were caravaning or camping; when we arrived there were only a few tents and a scattering of caravans, by the time we left the place was thriving!

We also visited the Eden project in St. Austell, When I told people that I had always wanted to see it, people told me it would take more than one visit to experience it and I actually agree with them.

The large dome in the center is the core; here is where the cafe, visitor center and school project center are located; The main `Zones` are located either side; the dome at the back is the tropical zone and the one in the foreground is the temperate (Mediterranean) zone.
This is a shot from within the tropical zone.

There are labels everywhere that tell you where many of the things we take for granted originally come from; It's a little strange to think that the rubber and elastic from your sofa or underwear comes from a plant! or that the chocolate that we eat start off as a tiny bean!

The only problem with this zone is that the humidity is a killer! the atmosphere is oppressive, thick and very very warm!

You don't want to be wearing a lot of clothing when you go unless you plan to lose a few pounds in weight from sweating!

This from the Mediterranean zone, here it's warm but not oppressive and it contains some beautiful structures!

The plantlife here tends to come from Itlay,Greece etc. and therefore is mostly citrus fruit and tomatoes, olives etc.

One part of the tour I wouldn't recommend is the gift shop; it is way too expensive and many of the things they sell you can buy in a decent supermarket for a fraction of the price! (even the fairtrade stuff is expensive!)

Each night we would go to one of the local pubs in Par and sit and listen to the local talent!

Often we would also eat out as the facilites on the site were not up to much; We found a lovely chippie in a place called Tywardreath and we pretty much enjoyed ourselves that weekend!

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bigbikerbob said...

I hope you did'nt have too much to eat and drink now.Sounds like you enjoyed it.