Sunday, 14 January 2007

All About Me

Hi! My name is Aiden. I’m 24, medium-ish build with green eyes and although I’m described by some as `cute` I don’t see it myself!
I live in a little town called Teignmouth, down in South Devon, about an hour from Exeter by public transport; it’s not a bad little place but it’s awfully small and not really a place for the young.

I enjoy reading Science fiction and fantasy, especially sword and sorcery type stuff, I watch a wide range of programmes from ER to Yu-Gi-Oh! (That’s a Japanese/American cartoon that’s very popular at the moment to those who don’t know) and love to talk about almost anything. I'm also somethink of a geek as I enjoy (for that read obessed with) computers and computer gaming.

I'll be posting irregularly as I divide my time between home (more on that later) and work (even more on that later) so It will depend on my free time.


Carol Chapman said...

Very good Aiden, quite concise to say the least! See you in work. Byeeeee.

Anonymous said...

nice blog mr. needs updating though.
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