Sunday, 18 February 2007

My Private (K)nightmare

I'm now going to show my age!

Back in 1987 when I was the tender age of 5, (aaaaah!) i was introduced to a tv show that was to remain fixed in my head for the next 20 years and will probably remain there for many years to come.

The tv show was called Knightmare and was something of a innovation for its time.

Back then, most kids game shows were slimy to say the least (all the games had that interesting idea that the slimier the game the more the kids would like it) but this took it to a whole new level!

First it was done using computer graphics, which created entire rooms and filled them with the most unusual creatures (walking skeletons being a favourite of the designers) and then they added real life actors in order to create a realistic slant to the proceedings

Second the main character was a young child around 12 though sometimes older who was for obvious reasons blindfolded using an unusual helmet

The helmet was called the helmet of justice (justice being blind) and this made way for the others in the team, namely the advisers!

There were three advisers, usually one was designated the spellcaster, another was the navigator and the third usually advised them on what to say to the various characters that the dungeoneer would meet on their quest.

Here are a few pics taken from the fan website:

As you can see the graphics are poor compared to today's show but at least the show attempted to treat the kids as intelligent!

The series ran until 1994, when the controller of ITV decided that the show had run it's course and cancelled it!
However there is currently a campaign to re-commission the show and a all new virtual reality version in the works!
As the series progressed, new innovations were created to allow for a bigger environment, this included actual locations taken from the outside world and new and deadlier challenges

The deadliest challenge was introduced in the fourth series (1990) and was called the corridor of blades!

I should point out that the dungeoneer didn't actually die! if they failed they were simply showed at the end in one piece and sent off with a scroll for their achievements!

The entire show was considered by most people to be a hit and it would be nice if the terrestrial channels decided to reshow this program but unfortunatley it can only be seen on satellite and cable on Challenge tv! (still brings back good memories though)