Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Summer Holidays Abound!!!!

Well it's been a while but I'm back!

One of the things about working so hard (ok, stop hissing back there I know some people work harder) is that you can appreciated the free time you get and in my case i decided to get away from it all.....

.....To Lincoln! Yeah yeah! classy I know but hey! decent enough weather and a limited budget requires I stick to this country and enjoy its sights and sounds
Anyway, I hit trouble almost immediately, due to the lovely weather that Britain has been enjoying, my train was cancelled and nearly `De-railed` the entire holiday! however my mates up in Lincoln refused to let things end there, they travelled the odd 260 miles and came and picked me up! (however this did entail a £60 petrol charge to yours truly but hey! part of the fun is the surprises isn't it?)
Well, Lincoln is certainly a different place to teignmouth, many of the buildings in the city center are medieval in appearance but they blend in with many of the more modern features around the city. What struck me was the fact that the railway is an integral part of the city, throughout the city there are level crossings that require patience and skill to cross

Of course the most wonderful part of the city is the great cathedral, high on a hill (which is a murder to climb)

This is the entrance arch to the cathedral, as you can see it makes for a beautiful site, and the following pictures show even more of the outside:

Film buffs will recognise some of the interior shots from the Tom Hanks film The Da Vinci Code In fact a few of the props are still there and unless you were really looking, you'd swear they were real headstones (in fact they were plywood, polystyrene and fibreglass)

The main entrance to the cathedral proper is a cavernous hall and filled with beautiful stained glass windows which when the sun hits them leave wondrous patterns of colour!
I enjoyed my week in lincoln, though i will point out that you cant really fit everything into a week, so perhaps id better make a second visit!

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bigbikerbob said...

Hi Aiden,A blog at last.Looks like you enjoyed yourself thats the important thing.Sounds very different with the railway lines everywhere. Bob