Saturday, 10 March 2007

A Night On The Tiles

Yes that's me smiling! I'm actually enjoying one of my rare nights out.

I'm not normally a social butterfly, in fact I only started to go out on evenings about three months ago after I enjoyed the christmas party that our work place threw back in December '06.

Being a social misfit I never realised what fun going out could actually be! but my mates Ben and Lee started this after I made a new years resolution to develop a social life and they have ensured that I keep to my promise!

Generally, we start out at one pub and all chip in a minium of £20 to a `booze kitty` that we entrust to Lee, then he gets our drinks in and the fun starts!

The first occasion I went out with them I made the mistake of trying to keep up with them and eneded up so drunk I was sick in the taxi back! (yuk!)

This time I managed to learn my lesson and in fact I insisted on havind water at least twice during our night out. (much to the disgruntlement of the others!)

Here's some shots of big Lee playing pool against my other mate Ben, as you can see Lee is quite the player and has been known to go on quite the winning streak when he gets started!

Because I don't normally drink i'm generally the last one to finish my drink and as such I earned myself the nickname `speedy` but frankly I tend to go out more for the company than the booze!

I suppose that you would like to know if I have any photos of me at the christmas party.....Well I do! and so i suppose I'd better trot those out!

You might recognise one of these ladies from my earlier posts, Yes thats right it's Carly from `me and my mates`! the young lady with her is Tasha, another of the staff at our `beloved` co-op, she is usually to be found at the kiosk and is always very friendly to all the customers and staff alike!

its a rare occasion that we can get a photo of her so I must have been very sneaky to get one here either that or she had had far too much to drink!

Aren't I the babe magnet!? Once again it took a few drinks to get this shot and it was meant as a bit of a joke! I look like I'm about to strangle poor Tash! just wanted to make sure she didn't escape ha ha!

I must admit im getting used to going out now but will be sticking to once a month for a while! I don't think my wallet could take the strain!

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